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Too Busy To Live

I am at work. And I will be at work tomorrow as well. I hate six day work weeks. I will probably try to take a half day next week to try and regain a bit of sanity. What sucks about this the most is that I’m not actually working that hard. I’m mostly just here in case they need me for something. Granted, tomorrow is the graduation ceremony and I have to read off the graduate names. The part isn’t hard, just time consuming. It’s certainly much better than sitting at my desk browsing facebook and pretending to be working. There just isn’t anything for me to work on right now. God, I hate start week.

Otherwise, life is pretty great, honestly. My bellydance troupe is meeting twice a week now to get us ready for our performance at the Steampunk Symposium in Cincinnati around the end of April. We have the script together and 5 choreographies. We timed the full show and it’s about half an hour long. It’s kind of amazing how far we’ve come. Just last October when we were invited to a show we had to turn it down because we didn’t have enough material. Now we have a full show! Sunday we have a dress rehearsal. April 13th we are having our Friends and Family show up here in Cleveland where we’ll debut the full-show to our friends up here. Gotta admit, I’m very nervous about the Symposium performance. I have the most lines and I’m terrified of messing up. Not that it would be the end of the world, we aren’t even getting paid for this, but I don’t want to let the troupe down. Every once in awhile I’ll glance over at the calendar and I’ll get a nasty shock when I realize how close the Symposium is. I hope it the performance is a success.

I am still in three D&D campaigns, Alex’s, Tom’s and Riannin’s. Alex’s game is going pretty well. We are in Illsig, running around a world where our PSP doesn’t get replenished when we sleep. I am working on leveling my rogue, Joha. In Alex’s campaign world, a Rogue levels by getting a skill to 100%. It’s very slow going. Tom’s game is okay. We are still in the North, fighting others and such. I keep having to leave early because I get tired around 1am and I need to wake up early the next day. Riannin’s game is awesome. I really enjoy her DM style and my character. We are having a lot of fun. She doesn’t try to turn the world against us at every step. We frequently cheat and get way overpowered and she lets us roll with it. It’s a nice change from the other two games where everything is just stupidly hard all the time.

Courtney came up to visit this weekend. We didn’t do too much, watched some videos, surfed the internet, got some good food, stuff like that. We did get to hang out with Justine on Saturday night at XYZ and she got to see our new choreographies for bellydance. Colette was out of town for a swing dance thing in Pittsburgh. She has her new boy from Erie who she has been hanging out with and seems pretty happy with him. Chris is having some trouble with his classes but it trying his best to fix things. Gene is taking an online class with his brothers to try and teach them a bit of computer programming. He thinks it will help them be a bit more marketable for their job searching.

My life has gotten stupidly hectic. Sunday is Bellydance. Monday is time to spend with Chris. Tuesday is Riannin’s game. Wednesday is bellydance again. Thursday is Alex’s or Tom’s game. Friday and Saturday I almost always have some plans with friends to go out to the Chamber or there is some party or something else going on. It’s just really crazy. It doesn’t help that Chris and I just watched the rest of DragonBall Kai together, which is a really long series. I’m also become interested in the BBC series Merlin, so I’ve been trying to watch that whenever I get a chance. However, this means I get very little time by myself. I have pretty much halted all craft projects. I don’t get to practice piano at all. I also don’t get to cook. Pretty much all of my meals have been bought on the run. I also haven’t been to the gym in awhile. It’s gotten so crazy. I was talking to my mum over the phone and she was asking when would be a good time to visit. I told her my social calendar was full up until May and that was starting to go fast. I looked at my calendar and I was dismayed to see I was not exaggerating. And then Colette and I are still talking about going to Korea in July. We still haven’t gotten tickets, but that’s in the plans as well.

Man, my life is too busy. At least it’s filled with fun things with friends. After April I think things will calm down a little bit.