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Birthdays and Bad Days

I am 25 years old! How crazy is that. I have been living in Cleveland since I was 21. That means I've spent all of my early twenties here. It feels so bizarre to think of it like that.

Colette was trying to have a tea party on the 1st, but she ended up having laser eye surgery and couldn't host. I picked up hosting responsibilities and we had a very nice little tea/potluck with people dressed up in fancy steampunk clothes. Corinne and Ken came out as well as the belly dance ladies. Jen couldn't make it since she had to give Tasha a flea bath.

The 7th I went with Lauren and Jake to the Wayne County Fair. We ate a lot of fair food and then left to hang out at an apple orchard before heading back to Jake's to play games and drink beer. We hung out with a bunch of Jake's Wooster friends. They were very cool and I ended up hanging out with Regina last Saturday. She is a Chemistry grad student at Case so she lives super close to me (only one block away from Drew's) so I could technically walk to her place if I could make it across the ravine.

My birthday party was pretty chill. I am having a rough time at work so I didn't want to make a big deal about it. Basically I just invited people over to hang out and it turned out pretty great. We had a couple pies instead of cake since I don't like store-made cake very much. It was very pleasant. People brought over so much beer. There was just so much. I played Dance Central 3 with Jen, Colette, and Lauren. Reannin, Erick, and Brandon came as well! It was nice to see everyone and have a fun time. A couple people couldn't come since Shannon's rehearsal dinner was that night and her wedding was the next day. It was still a good time though. Gene had a blast talking with Cliff (who he apparently worked with before) and is now planning a D&D campaign which he wants to have on Wednesday nights. He is trying to get Cliff, Ty, Nechama, and someone else in the group. I hope it works out for him.

I had to work on the day after my birthday party, which wasn't too bad. It was graduation day, so I had to read off the names at the ceremony. It was a very calm ceremony. Usually they are a bit more upbeat with people in the audience screaming and hollering, but that didn't happen. Jen and I were going to go down to Akron to see some belly dance people but we ended up canceling and I did something else instead. Can't remember what though.

That following Sunday I when out to Dim Sum with Ashley, Mike, Gail, Dusty and Lauren. I had never been to Dim Sum before, so it was a cool new experience. It was kind of one-note for vegetarians, there were a lot of deep fried starchy things, not a lot of vegetables. It was still a cool to try. It was Gail's birthday that day, so I got to tell her happy birthday and hear about the trip to Puerto Rico Dusty was planning for them. It was nice.

Last Wednesday night I went to see This Way to the Egress who were playing that the Spitfire Saloon in Lakewood. The Spitfire is a dingy ugly hole in the wall. It is decorated as if it is trying to unimpress anyone who isn't a punk-rocker. Cliff was nice enough to come out and hangout with me. I drank surprisingly good beer, chatted with Cliff, and listened to some awesome steampunk-cabaret music. It was a good time.

Friday night was Lauren's birthday party. We got a group of people together to go to Barrio in Lakewood. It is a gourmet taco place. I got some really nice tacos and a kind of boring vegan rice bowl. Afterwards we went over to Lauren's place because it was raining like crazy (and of course I didn't bring my umbrella and parked really far away) and we drank hot cocoa and hung out.

Saturday I went out to Tremont with Jen to see their Cultural fest out there. Lady Audbrey (AKA Jan) was dancing with Alanna's group so we stayed to see that. We also talked with her friend (Jenn?) who apparently teaches ATS in Lakewood. Cool beans! Jen got her contact info and we left to get coffee. I tried to get some people to go to Ingenuity fest with me, but I ended up at Regina's instead, who was excitedly drinking 'baby beers' (tequila and heavy cream) with a few of her Chemistry friends.

Sunday we didn't have belly dance practice since Angela was sick, Colette was doing some swing thing (which involved a couple people sleeping over at our house) and Lauren was down in Columbus celebrating her birthday with friends down there. Gene and I went to Asia plaza to pick up some asian novelties and I had Reannin's game in the evening.

Overall, I am very overwhelmed with work right now. My assistant is still out on FMLA and the other girl who was helping me out is sick today. We are starting to slow down, but I'm still getting a lot of angry phone calls from people who are trying to switch around their schedule last minute. I am just so done with work right now. I know next week won't be quite as crazy, but that doesn't make this week any better. Even when doing all of these fun things, I feel really drained and annoyed all the time. Even when I'm hanging out with friends, I don't feel I am at my best. I lose track of conversations, say strange things in response to simple questions, and I'm generally low on energy. I can't freaking wait until this party of the quarter is over. I almost have to physically restrain myself from walking into my boss's office and quitting. The stress is just really bad and I all I want to do is just throw everything up in the air and leave it to come crashing to the floor. I just. Can't. Care. Anymore. FUCK IT.