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I am not sure when I last updated, however a lot has happened especially within the last month and a half. I have a new job! And a new boyfriend! And I new apartment that I will be moving into by the end of the month.

I am stressing out a little bit about packing, but that is hardly the only thing I can focus on. I also have a slow leak in my back left tire which I need to get fixed and I have no idea how to do that. Seriously, even if I google ‘tire leak repair’ it just gives me youtube video links of how to do it myself. It doesn’t give me service providers or shop details at all. I have no idea if a tire seller would also do repairs or not. I guess I’ll just have to call them and find out and set an appointment. This would have been much easier if it had happened just one week before I started my new job and my schedule was a bit more open. I’m still not very certain about what my work hour requirements are right now. I’m salary again, which is supposed to mean I only need to be here as much as necessary. However since I’m only going into my second week, anytime I am not actively being trained seems like I’m spending my time here unnecessarily. I supposed I should just try to enjoy the free time until I get busier. It is awfully strange to be in a position where I have no idea what the business processes, people, or acronyms are. Back at ITT, I was one of the largest knowledge banks on the team and I always knew what I had to do. Granted I remember being a bit flustered at the beginning, but I don’t remember being this anxious about it. I supposed I’m worried that they will just throw problems at me without training me at all and when I can’t solve them they will just be disappointed in me and throw me out. I realize that I am being overly dramatic, but I don’t feel like my position is solid until I’m being productive and useful to the team. Right now I’m just taking up their time as they let me shadow them for like 2 hours out of the day. Perhaps I’d feel more confident if I were getting more consistent training.

Here has been my schedule so far today-

8-9 stare blankly into space while stressing about flat tires and moving

9-10 watch someone use a system I probably never will

10-10:30- listen in on a conference all where I have no idea what is going on or why I am on it

10:30- 11 waiting outside a lady’s cubicle until she gets back from a meeting. Look sad enough for someone to notice and ask me what I’m doing.

11-12 shadow the front end of the system I will be helping to service

12-12:30 eat cup ramen while coughing a lot and idly check out facebook stuff.

12:30-1 get tech guy to fix my monitors while I wait nearby

1-? Look at random documents and online classes to see if I can find anything relevant

New apartment will be near the intersection of Warrensville Center and Van Aken (and Chagrin and Northfield, and all those all random streets that meet there). Price is a little higher then what I’m currently paying, but not by a lot. I will be splitting an apartment with Nechama. The place looks nice and clean and it’s gotten really good reviews online. We will have tandem parking, which means every morning I need to move Nechama’s car to get mine out to go to work. That will be very annoying. However, that is the only downside I can see. I’ll also be a bit closer to CY’s place so I’ll be staying down there occasionally.

CY and I are getting along pretty well so far. We certainly fight a lot more than Chris and I did. However, under some lights, that would be a good thing. I do like him, but he can be very annoying and occasionally does annoying things on purpose. I don’t know if he thinks those things are cute or if he just doesn’t notice what he is doing. It’s a work in progress to be sure, but I think it’s worth a shot. I certainly don’t know anyone else I would be interested in dating. He does take a lot of things way too personally and when he doesn’t agree with an opinion he seems to think it’s ‘wrong’ and he needs to be ‘right’. That is probably the most annoying part of all.

I went to Israel on the Birthright trip back at the beginning on July. It turned out to be a bigger deal than I initially planned since I ended up delaying my new job’s start date so I could go on it. I’m still debating if that was the best idea or not. I guess I’m glad I went. I didn’t make a bunch of new friends like I had really wanted to. And the people who did go weren’t the most useful for networking, as far as I could see. Most of them had just graduated college or were about to go to grad school. I guess it’ll be good to stay in touch with them just in case though. I did meet some cool people, but no one that I really connected with like I would have liked. It was an eye-opening trip and gave you a good introduction to Israeli viewpoints and politics. It wasn’t comprehensive in anyway, but it was a good spring board.

Went to Canada with Elizabeth, Lynn, and Eric. Surprisingly Lynn gave the group the most drama by having a hissy fit and walking out on us one of the days we were in Toronto. That was very inconvenient. The rest of the trip went pretty well. We stayed in nice B&Bs and had a lot of wine. The food wasn’t the best, but I think we just chose poorly. I’m sure there is plenty of yummy food up in Canada. We did have a lot of nice cheese boards.

Did some more modeling for the guy who thinks I look like Mona Lisa. He had been do a ton more costumes this time. Wife from American Gothic, Whistler’s mother, Frida Kahlo, Girl with a Pearl Earring, George Washington (??? Don’t ask me why), and a handful of others. I actually got some pictures on my phone from this one so I was able to share some of them on facebook. That was nice. Also the money is pretty good. Hell, I wish I was getting paid $35 an hour to do the job I have now.

Chris came by yesterday to pick up more of his shit from the house. I haven’t been home yet to see how much he did, but hopefully the majority of it will be gone. I will be really annoyed if it’s still in the way. He is mostly moved out but still has a bunch of junk hanging around. Haven’t been to his place out in Westlake yet. Gene thinks he is living with his new girlfriend but when I asked Chris how he felt about living alone he didn’t contradict me. Haven’t seen Axel in a minute, I hope she is doing okay.

I watched Colette’s parents’ cat while all of them were away on vacation. That cat is hilariously spoiled. He only eats shredded chicken and veal that has been microwaved and had the fat drained off. Then you have to either eat with the cat or sit by it’s bowl until it’ll finally come over and eat. Even then it’ll only eat a little bit before it wanders off for twenty minutes and then you have to reheat it and sit next to the bowl and wait until it eats again. Not only that, but they left the A/C and radio on the whole time they were gone so the cat could have climate control and classical music. So spoiled. It did let me pet it after the third day and I did get paid to do it, so I guess it all works out.

Melissa T got married! Cy and I went to her wedding back on the 1st. It was nice to see and reconnect with old high school friends. Cy got along really well with Tracey and her husband. We may pay them a visit when we go up to Chicago for Labor day weekend. I also wanna see if we can visit Chelsea and Scott, my new friend Brittney from the Israel trip, and CY’s friends Aimee and Ken. I feel like there are other people up in Chicago that I am forgetting, but I can’t remember who right now.